Project Loon balloon to beam the internet

February 17, 2017

An internet-beaming balloon factory spun out of Google believes it can outmaneuver the wind. In doing so, the 4-year-old ‘Project Loon’ says it will be able to bring remote parts of the world online more quickly with a smaller fleet of the balloons than it previously thought. Engineers involved in the eccentric project, a part of the X Lab owned by Google’s corporate parent Alphabet Inc., say they have come…


Who (secretly) run the world? Algorithms

February 13, 2017

It is likely that everything and anything you do online, from streaming a movie, to browsing for a new handbag, to even applying for a car loan, is slightly controlled by an algorithm. They will always have a say on the outcome. The complex mathematical formulas are playing a growing role in all walks of life: from detecting skin cancers to suggesting new Facebook friends, deciding who gets a job,…


Automotive Gigabit Ethernet put into effect

February 7, 2017

KDPOF – a leading supplier for automotive gigabit connectivity over POF (Plastic Optical Fiber) – has announced the sampling of the first automotive Gigabit Ethernet POF (GEPOF) transceiver in 2017. “With the KDPOF KD1053, we are proud to introduce the first fully integrated automotive transceiver that implements the physical layer of Gigabit Ethernet over POF,” stated Carlos Pardo, CEO and Co-Founder of KDPOF. “Optimized for low power and small footprint,…


US survey shows smartphone internet use at record high

January 13, 2017

A survey has shown that more than three-fourths of American adults now use a smartphone, helping to boost internet adoption to a record level. The Pew Research Center survey found 77% owning a smartphone in late 2016, more than double the level of 2011, when 35% said they used such devices. The rise was fueled by a “sharp uptick” in smartphone use by those with low incomes and those 50…


Google’s internet by drone ambitions scaled back

January 12, 2017

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is scaling back its ambitions for Internet by drone. It has disbanded the team that had been developing the technology, according to the company. For years, companies like Facebook and Google have captivated audiences with the prospect of someday beaming Internet access down to earth from drones or satellites flying high above the ground. The dream held particular promise for developing countries where it’s often expensive…


NYC subway stations to have WiFi and cellular service

January 9, 2017

The largest underground mass transit system in the US is now fully wired. New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Transit Wireless have completed upgrades to the city’s subway system, allowing commuters to make calls from all of New York City’s Subway stations as of tomorrow. The final station, Clark Street on the 2/3 line in Brooklyn, will go live January 9th, although four stations currently or imminently being renovated…


Data for sale from Yahoo’s 2013 hack

December 16, 2016

Some time around August 2013, hackers penetrated the email system of Yahoo, one of the world’s largest and oldest providers of free email services. The attackers quietly scooped up the records of more than 1 billion users, including names, birth dates, phone numbers and passwords that were encrypted with an easily broken form of security. The intruders also obtained the security questions and backup email addresses used to reset lost…


Google Home teams with Domino’s Pizza

December 16, 2016

Google announced its conversation actions for the Google Home this past week, which are similar to the Amazon Echo’s skills but instead prompt users to converse with Home to get something done. Today we got a better idea of Google’s partners. Domino’s Pizza, Genius, and WebMD will all be supported, according to VentureBeat. Publications, like BuzzFeed, The Wall Street Journal, and CNN will also have actions. The new actions are…


Technological evolution of 2016

December 15, 2016

Author: Thomas Ricker The arrival of the 12th month in the Gregorian calendar is a sign that something old is about to be renewed. We, as writers and readers of The Verge, are people who live in the near-future, humans at the forefront of technology adoption and cultural change. So what better time to take stock of our tech portfolios to see how the industry is evolving? I’ll go first….


Google data to be stored within Cuba

December 13, 2016

Data for Google services will be stored in Cuba, under a deal announced this week between the company and the Cuban government. As the Associated Press reports, the deal will not expand public internet access in Cuba, one of the world’s least-connected countries, but it is expected to decrease load times for Google services like Gmail and YouTube. Speeds for non-Google services will not be affected. “Cubans who already have…