Bittium exhibits its innovative IoT design at Industry of Things World USA

February 20, 2017

Bittium exhibits its innovative IoT design and R&D services at Industry of Things World USA conference, to be held in San Diego, USA February 20th–21st, 2017. Bittium will also exhibit its wearable platform for health monitoring, Bittium Tough Mobile Smartphone and Bittium Secure Suite device management and encryption software, which can be utilized also in IoT solutions. R&D services: Bittium provides innovative design and development services to customers who demand…


IoT efficient power converter devised

February 20, 2017

The ‘internet of things’ is the idea that vehicles, appliances, civil structures, manufacturing equipment, and even livestock will soon have sensors that report information directly to networked servers, aiding with maintenance and the coordination of tasks. Those sensors will have to operate at very low powers, in order to extend battery life for months or make do with energy harvested from the environment. But that means that they’ll need to…


Breakthrough solution for small low power IoT radios

February 16, 2017

ROHM, imec, a research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies, and Holst Centre (set up by imec and TNO) have presented an all-digital phase-locked loop (ADPLL) for Internet of Things (IoT) radio transceivers at the 2017 International Solid-State Circuits Conference in San Francisco (US). Whereas a PLL is traditionally one of the major power consumers in a radio and can take up to 30% of the radio area, this…


Multi-energy-harvesting device to push IoT development

February 8, 2017

Researchers from the University of Oulu in Finland have found that a mineral with the perovskite crystal structure has the right properties to extract energy from multiple sources at the same time. Perovskites are a family of minerals, many of which have shown promise for harvesting one or two types of energy at a time—but not simultaneously. One family member may be good for solar cells, with the right properties…


Tridonic expands into North America to serve smart IoT solutions

Tridonic, a global provider of smart and efficient lighting solutions, is opening a new office in Highland, New York to serve the North American market with smart solutions also for IoT applications. The company headquartered in Dornbirn, Austria is bringing new products designed specifically for North America onto the market, including its high-quality solid-state lighting (SSL) modules, electronic LED Drivers and controls. Tridonic will also be launching its new digital…

January 25, 2017

NI debuts IoT lab to promote innovation and collaboration

January 17, 2017

NI, the provider of solutions that enable engineers and scientists to solve the world’s greatest engineering challenges, has announced the opening of the NI Industrial IoT Lab at its Austin headquarters. The NI Industrial IoT Lab focuses on intelligent systems that connect operational technology, information technology and the companies working on these systems. Designed with flexibility for the future, the lab’s operational focus includes areas such as microgrid control and…


Zuckerberg developing ‘Jarvis’ smart home AI

December 20, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg has revealed the details of his ambitious year-long project to build his own ‘Home AI’. Dubbed Jarvis, the system is basically an advanced Smart Home, letting you give voice and text commands to any device in the house. The Facebook CEO is a little late in the reveal — he initially said he’d demo the system in September — but the result is a fascinating look at exactly…


Smart home reference designs accelerate IoT device development

December 19, 2016

Silicon Labs has launched two new wireless occupancy sensor and smart outlet reference designs for the home automation market, providing IoT connected device solutions that help make our homes safer, more convenient and energy efficient. The FCC and UL-pre-certified reference designs include all of the hardware, firmware and software tools required to create feature-rich, future-proofed connected home products based on Silicon Labs’ robust ZigBee “Golden Unit” Home Automation (HA 1.2)…


It’s getting hot in here, so charge up your smart watch

December 15, 2016

Company founders Akram Boukai, CEO, and Douglas Tham, Chief Technology Officer of Matrix Industries, based in Menlo Park, Calif., think that thermoelectric technology is ready to power wearables now, and soon will make sense for implantables and low-power sensors on the Internet of Things. Thermoelectric devices harvest energy using a temperature difference between their two sides to generate a voltage. Matrix launched what it calls a thermoelectric-powered smart watch—and I…


Connected factory initiative subcommittee makes progress

Representatives of industry’s leading manufacturers, machine, device, sensor and software companies that comprise IPC’s 2-17 Connected Factory Initiative Subcommittee have made significant strides in developing a machine data interface standard, ‘Connected Factory Exchange or CFX’ that would enable manufacturers, equipment, device and software suppliers to achieve Industry 4.0 benefits. The subcommittee’s charter states that the standard will support the goal of true ‘plug and play interoperability’ of devices, systems and…

December 13, 2016