ABL Space will demo in-space cryogenic liquid hydrogen with NASA

Cryogenic liquid hydrogen (LH2) is the most challenging but highest-performing propellant for lunar and deep space exploration. NASA will launch the Cryogenic Demonstration Mission in 2023 and demonstrate numerous novel cryogenic propellant management technologies for sustainable Artemis operations on the moon and beyond. ABL Space Systems announced that is has been selected as the launch provider for the mission.

ABL will leverage the flexibility of the GS0 deployable launch system, purpose-built to rapidly activate new launch sites and support unique customer missions.  The GS0 functionality will extend to meet NASA’s mission need for LH2 operations.  ABL will also advance RS1 with a hydrogen-compatible fairing and payload support systems.

This is ABL’s first NASA science mission award and 60th mission contracted with the prime contractor, Lockheed Martin. To learn more, visit www.ablspacesystems.com.

Original Release: PR Newswire

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