AI in the Classroom

Despite experts’ warnings, the threat of the collapse of our social order, and invective-throwing chatbots, AI use continues at a breakneck pace. It has so many beneficial uses, from extreme weather forecasting to predicting prejudice, solving how to get oxygen to Mars, and so much more. It can even help our beer taste better and find us a new best friend.

Now, three companies have developed AI tools to help our teachers and students:

  1. MathGPT™ Essentials: Crafted by GotIt! Education, MathGPT™ Essentials is an AI-driven tutoring system designed explicitly for mathematics. It seamlessly integrates with popular Learning Management Systems (LMS) and offers user-friendly features such as course and assignment management and personalized tutoring. MathGPT™ Essentials is available free of charge to state and community colleges in the US, ensuring that AI-based tutoring is accessible without straining tight budgets.
  2. Element451’s Bolt AI Assistants: Element451 introduces Bolt AI Assistants, designed to support students and staff in higher education institutions. These assistants can handle specific roles and tasks, providing tailored responses to enhance efficiency and engagement. Element451 also unveils Bolt Discovery, an AI-powered information discovery tool that simplifies information retrieval for students and staff.
  3. org’s AI Teaching Assistant: In collaboration with The Piech Lab at Stanford University, launches its AI Teaching Assistant, designed to support computer science educators. This tool streamlines administrative tasks, provides timely feedback on student projects, and offers resources tailored for computer science instruction. Backed by state-of-the-art research, it aims to alleviate educators’ workloads and ensure high-quality computer science education.

These innovations, which leverage AI to enhance educational experiences, streamline administrative tasks, and support educators in preparing students for the challenges of the future, can benefit everyone.

I was excited when schools started using video games to help teach our students. However, introducing AI into our classrooms is game-changing.

It can help teachers tailor their lessons for students, remove the repetitive and burdensome administrative tasks that all teachers must handle, freeing up their time for more important tasks, and support our kids while they learn.

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