Watch: This Intelligent Fluid is Smarter than You

Dive into the future of robotics with our latest video on Harvard’s revolutionary programmable metafluid.

This smart liquid, capable of changing its properties on command, is set to transform engineering and technology. From enhancing robotics to creating unparalleled shock absorbers and optical devices, discover how this advancement opens up new possibilities for innovation.

Join us as we explore the mechanics behind this metafluid and envision its vast potential in improving our daily lives and industries.

Harvard Images/Video Sources & Captions:
Metafluid Popback:
When pressure is removed from the fluid, the capsules pop back into their spherical shape. (Credit: Adel Djellouli/Harvard SEAS)

Metafluid Optics:
Metafluid over the Harvard logo. When the capsules are round, they scatter light, making the liquid opaque.But when pressure is applied and the capsules collapse, they act like microlenses, focusing light and making the liquid transparent. (Credit: Adel Djellouli/Harvard SEAS)

Buckled Shells:
Elastomer spheres under pressure. (Credit: Adel Djellouli/Harvard SEAS)

Metafluid Gripper:
The metafluid in a hydraulic robotic gripper picks up a glass bottle, an egg and a blueberry. (Credit: Adel Djellouli/Harvard SEAS)

Metafluid Flow:
A first-of-its-kind programmable metafluid uses a suspension of small, elastomer spheres — between 50 to 500 microns — that buckle under pressure, radically changing the characteristics of the fluid. (Credit: Adel Djellouli/Harvard SEAS)

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