Amazon Lays Off Hundreds

According to Reuters, Amazon laid off several hundred workers in its AWS cloud computing sales, marketing, global services division, and physical stores technology teams.

AWS claims that the cuts resulted from Amazon identifying a few targeted areas that needed to be streamlined and because it over-hired during the pandemic.

Amazon has cut several thousands of jobs across several divisions during the past two years, including the devices and books businesses, Amazon Stores division, brick-and-mortar stores, and its PXT organizations handling human resources and other functions. Prime Video and Amazon MGM Studios are also “eliminating several hundred roles” as Amazon identifies areas to reduce or discontinue investment. Amazon’s Twitch service informed staff that the company would slash its headcount by 35% to approximately 500 people.

Amazon still employs 1.5 million globally, although it continues to “streamline.” It joins other big-name companies like Apple in post-pandemic layoffs and efforts to bring remote workers back to the office, like Dell.

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