The Exponential IT Roadmap: Info-Tech Research Group Publishes Framework to Prepare Organizations for the Future

April 10, 2024

Info-Tech Research Group has published a new strategic blueprint designed to guide IT leaders through the complexities of exponential technology growth. The framework will help organizations harness the potential of emerging technologies such as generative AI and quantum computing, ensuring their IT strategies are not only responsive but also proactive in leveraging these innovations for competitive advantage.

TORONTOApril 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ – As technologies like generative AI and quantum computing evolve at an exponential pace, organizations face the critical challenge of keeping up. This rapid evolution presents both immense opportunities and significant risks, demanding a new approach to IT strategy. Info-Tech Research Group’s newly released industry resource, Develop an Exponential IT Roadmap, offers IT leaders a structured framework to evolve IT practices to effectively leverage emerging technologies and maintain a competitive advantage.

The global IT research and advisory firm explains in the new blueprint that as emerging technologies exponentially transform the business landscape, IT departments must evolve their strategies to not just adapt but also harness these advancements for growth and innovation. The gap between the rapid progression and IT’s traditional linear management capabilities poses a significant challenge.

Info-Tech Research Group’s blueprint “Develop an Exponential IT Roadmap” lays out an actionable roadmap of initiatives for IT leaders and their teams to undertake in support of an Exponential IT transformation. (CNW Group/Info-Tech Research Group)

“When it first launched, the paradigm of human’s monopoly on cognition and creativity was challenged as OpenAI’s ChatGPT heralded a democratization of large language models (LLMs) and generative AI, extending their reach beyond the niche of data specialists and into the broader public domain,” says Anubhav Sharma, research director at Info-Tech Research Group. “This leap in general accessibility and capability saw LLMs outperforming humans in numerous competitive linguistic assessments, including the Bar Exam and SAT, to name a few. Although generative AI has yet to reach the zenith of artificial general intelligence (AGI), its trajectory and potential have been exponential.”

Info-Tech advises that IT leaders must pivot from current practices and adopt a framework that allows their organizations to take advantage of these new technologies. The aim is to transform IT into a strategic partner that not only anticipates but also capitalizes on the opportunities presented by this era of technological disruption, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and value creation.

“Emerging technologies, such as generative AI, quantum computing, IoT, or edge, can expose an organization to existential risks if it does not keep up with these changes,” says Manish Jain, principal research director at Info-Tech Research Group. “On the other hand, they offer a springboard for rapid, exponential growth, enabling enterprises to fast-track through the traditional stages of their digital evolution by leveraging out-of-the-box autonomization.”

As outlined in Info-Tech’s blueprint, Exponential IT is a long-term transformation plan executed through a series of initiatives that are undertaken alongside an existing IT strategy. The firm’s research emphasizes that it is not a side project, nor will it be the only focus of the IT organization, which must continue to keep the lights on and deliver on its mission and annual strategy. An Exponential IT roadmap must, therefore, be embedded into an IT strategy roadmap, with a focus on the initiatives

that most align with the organization’s goals and strategy each year.

“Exponential IT is a framework defined by Info-Tech Research Group to instruct IT leaders across all IT domains on how to transform their organization and elevate their value creation capabilities,” says Fred Chagnon, principal research director at Info-Tech Research Group. “This framework will also help organizations close the gap between the exponential progression of technological change and the linear progression of IT’s ability to successfully manage that change.”

The firm recommends IT leaders and their teams undertake an actionable roadmap of initiatives to support an Exponential IT transformation. The IT initiatives that make up the roadmap are outlined below at a high level:

  • Identify Starting Point
    • Gauge Exponential IT readiness.
    • Document relevant IT goals.
    • Prioritize value outcomes.
    • Identify relevant Exponential IT programs, work packages, and transformation actions that can help achieve desired value outcomes.
  • Develop One-Year Roadmap
    • Pinpoint current and target milestones for all relevant transformation actions.
    • Develop initiatives.
    • Prioritize initiatives.
    • Develop initiative profiles.
    • Create a roadmap.
  • Act, Communicate, and Refresh Annually
    • Define metrics for each initiative.
    • Develop a stakeholder communication plan.
    • Decide on refresh timeline.
    • Finalize executive communication template.
    • Integrate with IT strategy.

“With the exponential advancement of technology, traditional linear IT is no longer viable to sustain IT’s place as the leading technology provider for its organization,” explains Natalie Sansone, research director at Info-Tech Research Group. “IT must adopt an Exponential IT mindset and define its own transformation journey to not only adapt and thrive in a new technological landscape but also evolve into true organizational leaders.”

IT leaders are faced with the crucial task of adapting and guiding their organizations through transformative changes. Info-Tech’s blueprint emphasizes the critical steps needed to align IT capabilities with emerging technologies. By fostering an Exponential IT mindset, leaders can ensure their organizations not only navigate but also thrive amid technological disruptions, paving the way for enhanced innovation, growth, and competitive advantage.

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