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APEC Book Release: Trilogy of Wireless Power

APEC 2019 News

Wurth Electronics likes to have a good time at APEC. This year, in addition to its Snapchat filters, hat giveaways, demos and rap sessions, the company is launching a brand new book, Trilogy of Wireless Power.

This book consists of three parts: basic principles, the wireless power, transfer system and applications. First,  the basic principles of wireless power transfer are described with the different transmissions paths, the leading standards and the basic physics.

Wurth Electronics

“The basics have not changed in the last 120 years but we will still give a short overview,” says Cem Som, Wireless Product Manager, Wurth Electronics, and co-author of the book.

The second component of the book, the wireless power transfer system, dives into different topologies of the wireless power transfer, the transmitter and receiver coils needed and FET selection, as well as all other required parts.

Lastly, the book describes and illustrates practical application examples in the field of the Qi standard, examples for proprietary solutions, an overview of EMI-related topics for closely and loosely coupled systems and also an example for a multi-mode wireless power transfer system.

“Wireless power transfer is becoming an increasingly popular topic in the electronics industry. Paradoxically, there are very few helpful resources on wireless power,” says Som.

Wurth Electronics noticed this need for a better understanding of wireless power so it decides to offer a solution.

The book launches this week at APEC 2019.

Book co-author: Michael de Rooij, VP of EPC.

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