Autonomous Tech Barrier Broken at CES 2021

GreatStar OLEI, a global provider of advanced LiDAR and thermal camera sensors, alongside MorpheusTEK, has released a leading-edge 3D LiDAR at the industry price of $1750. This solution and price redefine the application and adoption of autonomous sensors.

LiDAR, originally developed for satellite tracking, has been reinvented in the modern era of robotics and autonomous solutions across the board. Sensors make up over 30% of bill of material costs for robotics, causing challenges for ROI. Recent innovations have yielded results with limited adoption of high-quality 3D LiDAR and a failure to gain mass acceptance. The search is on for a low-cost, industrial-quality 3D LiDAR technology, and the solution is finally here.

This cost-effective, industrial quality sensor redefines the usage, durability, and adaptability of sensor technology. OLEI’s 100 Meter, 3D, 16-channel mapping, navigational, and obstacle LiDAR exceeds industry expectations. This 3D LiDAR will help innovative companies provide solutions with drones, autonomous guided vehicles, autonomous mobility/people movers, indoor & outdoor mobile robotics, people/traffic monitoring, safe city & mobile mapping.

“This is equivalent to Ford bring the Model T to the masses, when automobiles reduced cost it triggered mass adoption,” said Phil Hennessy CEO MorpheusTEK and exclusive Partner of GreatStar OLEI for North America. “The reduction in robotics navigation sensors will help usher in a new world of robotics platforms and enabling mass adoption of drones and autonomous mobility solutions”.

“With our 3rd generation $1750 3D LiDAR, I am excited to see the step change that will occur making all kinds of robotics and automation finally possible,” added Dr. Yongping Wang CTO of OLEI. “When we started OLEI we targeted this 3D LiDAR quality and price and after 5 years it has become a reality.”

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