Baidu’s Superconducting Quantum Computer Integrates Hardware, Software, and Apps

Baidu unveiled its first superconducting quantum computer that fully integrates hardware, software, and applications. It also introduced the world’s first all-platform quantum hardware-software integration solution giving access to various quantum chips via mobile app, PC, and cloud.

“Qian Shi,” Baidu’s superconducting quantum computer, incorporates its hardware platform with Baidu’s home-grown software stack. On top of the infrastructure are such practical quantum applications as quantum algorithms used to design new materials for novel lithium batteries or simulate protein folding. The solution provides a stable and substantial quantum computing service to the public with high-fidelity 10 qubits of power.

The development of “Liang Xi”[3], the first all-platform quantum hardware-software integration solution, enables versatile quantum services through private deployment, cloud services, and hardware access. It can plug into Qian Shi and other third-party quantum computers. Using Qian Shi and Liang Xi allows for the creation of quantum algorithms and quantum computing power without developing their own quantum hardware, control systems, or programming languages.

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