Want to Learn Quantum Computing Fundamentals for Free? Here’s How.

The Linux Foundation released a free online training course, Fundamentals of Quantum Computing, in partnership with the World Bank. The lessons deliver a basic understanding of how to use quantum computing for complex decision-making beyond current computer capabilities. It will also provide an understanding of the technological, governmental, and industrial implications as the technology matures.

The quantum-computing course takes approximately three hours to complete, so it is easily accessible to anyone. It targets public sector leaders, Chief Information Officers (CIOs), and technology teams in charge of planning, developing, and deploying public service delivery and digital economy infrastructures and platforms. Learners should be familiar with how computers function and the current use of on-premise and cloud computing.

The course discusses:

• Fundamentals of quantum computing
• Potential technological disruptions it brings
• Current capabilities of quantum computing
• Current use cases
• Prospective future applications
• Security advantages and dangers
• Myths surrounding quantum computing
• Why it is an exciting and essential technology to understand and embrace

The course is available for immediate, free registration. You can access the lessons on the World Bank Group’s OLC and the Linux Foundation Training Platform.

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  1. Hans Kahusumae says

    How would quantum computing affect third world countries and used in developing countries

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