Boost System Performance and Safety with ADuM340E/ADuM341E/ADuM342E Digital Isolators

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When it comes to digital electronics, ensuring signal integrity and isolation is crucial. The ADuM340E, ADuM341E, and ADuM342E quad-channel digital isolators are the latest innovations from Analog Devices, Inc., incorporating their cutting-edge iCoupler® technology. Designed for high-performance applications, these isolators offer an exceptional combination of speed, reliability, and compatibility.

Innovative Features

  • Advanced iCoupler® Technology: This state-of-the-art technology ensures robust isolation, maintaining signal integrity even in challenging environments.
  • High-Speed Performance: With a maximum propagation delay of just 10 ns and a pulse width distortion of less than 3 ns at 5 V operation, these isolators are built for speed.
  • Exceptional Channel Matching: Experience tight channel matching with a maximum of 3.0 ns, ensuring consistent performance across all channels.
  • Compliance with Standards: These isolators meet CISPR 32/EN 55032 Class B limits at 5 Mbps, adhering to stringent industry standards.

Versatile Configurations and Compatibility

  • Varied Channel Configurations: Available in different configurations, they cater to a wide range of application needs.
  • High Withstand Voltage Rating: Offering a withstand voltage rating of 5.7 kV rms, these isolators provide enhanced safety and reliability.
  • Broad Voltage Compatibility: Operating with supply voltages ranging from 2.25 V to 5.5 V, they are compatible with both lower voltage systems and can facilitate voltage translation across isolation barriers.

Fail-Safe Options

Two distinct fail-safe options ensure that the outputs transition to a predetermined state when input power supply is absent, adding an extra layer of safety to your applications.


The ADuM340E/ADuM341E/ADuM342E are versatile, suitable for a range of applications:

  1. SPI Data Converter Isolation: Maintain signal integrity in SPI data conversions.
  2. RS-485 and CAN FD Industrial Field Bus Isolation: Ensure reliable isolation in industrial communication systems.
  3. PWM Controller Signal Isolation: Achieve precise control in PWM applications.
  4. General-Purpose Multichannel Isolation: Suitable for various isolation needs across multiple channels.

With their combination of high-speed operation, tight channel matching, versatile configurations, and fail-safe options, the ADuM340E, ADuM341E, and ADuM342E digital isolators are ideal for professionals seeking reliable and efficient isolation solutions. Whether it’s for industrial field bus isolation or general-purpose applications, these isolators are set to redefine the standards of digital isolation.

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