Building a Better Future with Industry 5.0

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In case you missed the memo, we’re either in the midst or at the tail end of what most people believe to be the fourth Industrial Revolution. Dubbed Industry 4.0, it introduced robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) into the manufacturing and industrial sectors. The goal behind all that new tech was simple: Create more affordable, higher-quality, accessible goods through improved productivity.

We’ve exceeded that goal: Intelligent factories are both more efficient and more profitable than their predecessors[i]. But as noted by Luke Smaul, Principal Partner at digital industry growth firm Momenta, we can still do much more.

“Industry 4.0 focused so heavily on technology that it lost sight of the real, human-level goals,” Smaul explains. “Now, as Industry 4.0 becomes mainstream, Industry 5.0 is emerging as the next great transformation in the industrial sector. Although still in its infancy, it could be revolutionary if approached correctly—we now have an opportunity to ensure it becomes what it needs to be by leveraging the lessons learned from Industry 4.0.”

Stronger Together

AI and ML may be the technologies everyone’s most excited about, but they’d be nothing without big data as a foundation. The capacity to capture, orchestrate, and analyze data from the factory floor has proved to be an incredibly powerful driver of innovation. Modern factory floors are filled with sensors that not only provide factory operators with greater visibility but also enable more sophisticated robots.

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