CGD launches new GaN power IC packages with enhanced thermal performance for data centres, Inverters & MORE

New packages deliver increased power output, simplifying inspection, saving system cost and increasing reliability

04/06/24, Cambridge, UK

Cambridge GaN Devices (CGD), the fabless, clean-tech semiconductor company that develops energy-efficient GaN-based power devices that make greener electronics possible, has announced two new packages for the company’s ICeGaN™ family of GaN power ICs that offer enhanced thermal performance and simplify inspection.  Variants of the well-proven DFN style, both packages are extremely rugged and reliable.

Developed for CGD, the DHDFN-9-1 (Dual Heat-spreader DFN) is a thin, dual-side cooled package with a small, 10×10 mm footprint and wettable flanks to simplify optical inspection. It offers low thermal resistance (Rth(JC), and can be operated with bottom-side, top-side and dual-side cooling, offering flexibility in design and out-performing the often-used TOLT package in top-side and, especially, dual-side cooled configurations. The DHDFN-9-1 package has been designed with dual-gate pinout to facilitate optimal PCB layout and simple paralleling, enabling customers to address applications up to 6 kW with ease.

The BHDFN-9-1 (Bottom Heat-spreader DFN) is a bottom-side cooled package, also with wettable flanks for easy inspection. Thermal resistance is 0.28 K/W, matching or exceeding other leading devices. Measuring 10×10 mm, the BHDFN is smaller than the commonly-used TOLL package yet shares a similar footprint, hence a common layout with TOLL-packaged GaN power ICs is possible for ease of use and evaluation.

Nare Gabrielyan | product Marketing manager, CGD

“These new packages are part of our strategy to enable customers to use our ICeGaN GaN power ICs at higher power levels. Servers, data centres, inverters/motor drives, micro-inverters and other industrial applications are all beginning to enjoy the power density and efficiency benefits that GaN brings, but they are also more demanding. Therefore, it is essential for such applications that devices are also rugged and reliable, and easy to design in. These attributes are inherent in ICeGaN, and are supported and extended by the new packages.”


Improving thermal resistance performance has several benefits. First, more power output is available at the same RDS(on) . Devices also run at cooler temperatures for the same power, so less heatsinking is required, resulting in reduced system costs. Lower operating temperatures also lead to higher reliability and longer lifetimes. Finally,  if cost is the constraint for the application, designers can use a lower cost part with a higher RDS(on) and still achieve the required power output.

The new packages will be shown for the first time publicly at the upcoming PCIM exhibition on CGD’s booth # 7 643, Nürnberg Messe, Nuremberg, Germany, 11-13th June 2024.

About Cambridge GaN Devices

Cambridge GaN Devices (CGD) designs, develops and commercialises GaN transistors and ICs enabling a radical step change in energy efficiency and compactness. Our mission is to bring innovation into everyday life by delivering effortless energy-efficient GaN solutions. CGD’s ICeGaN™ technology is proven suitable for high volume production and the company is rapidly scaling up with manufacturing and customer partnerships in place. A fabless enterprise, CGD was spun out from Cambridge University, and its founders, CEO Dr Giorgia Longobardi and CTO Professor Florin Udrea, still retain strong links with the world-renowned High Voltage Microelectronics and Sensors group (HVMS) at the University. CGD’s ICeGaN HEMT technology is protected by a strong and constantly-growing IP portfolio which is a result of the company’s commitment to innovation. The technical and commercial expertise of the CGD team combined with an extensive track record in the power electronics market has been fundamental to the market acceptance of its proprietary technology.

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