Chatting With a 3D Printing Guru [Video]

We had the opportunity to chat with Bob Zubrickie, Manager of the 3D Printing and Prototyping Center at TE Connectivity.

Zubrickie’s diversified background and his 40 years of experience in prototyping at TE Connectivity gives us a wide range of insight. He started prototyping before computers were even a thing!

These days he’s known as a “3D printing guru” and over the past 30 years has been totally enmeshed in the technology: from the software to the printing itself.

Tune in to see some of the cool things he’s 3D printed over at TE, including an electric motorcycle that’s made its way into the Guinness Book of World Records, and took about eight months to build from the ground, up.

What else? How does a business decide to implement something so forward-facing like 3D printing back in 1987 before it was even a technology anyone considered? For TE, It was first acknowledged as a means to prototyping, but Zubrickie saw its potential would reach much further for the company.

In terms of technology evolution, Zubrickie admits that his expectations are rather high and thought we’d be at a different place with 3D printing by now, but the reality is there have been a series of peaks and valleys with its success. However, now that there’s a lot of buy in from major corporations, he’s incredibly optimistic about the way we’re moving forward.

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