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Chatting with a Former Astronaut: Space, UV-C Tech, and the Air We Breathe

We had the pleasure of chatting with Paul Lockhart, CEO of NoviSphere, and former astronaut who twice piloted the Space Shuttle Endeavour. Through his work for both NASA and the private sector, he’s gained a great deal of insight into the challenges surrounding keeping the air we breathe clean and pathogen-free.

Paul answers all of our questions about space tech, Mars, UV-C technology and how it could help with COVID-19, as well as what we need to know about the air we breathe.

NoviSphere recently launched its first product, a system that uses UV-C light to kill 99.99% of airborne bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, including coronavirus (confirmed by independent testing). The system’s unique design combines UV-C arrays with proprietary baffling technology, which ensures the pathogens are exposed to the UV light for the optimal length of time to be destroyed. Because the UV-C lights are fully sealed inside the unit, it’s safe to use in heavily trafficked areas like hospitals, malls, restaurants, sports arenas, etc. Learn more about NoviSphere:

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