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Collaboration yields automatic train protection applications


A collaboration has been announced between Artesyn Embedded Technologies and China Railway Signal & Communication Corporation (CRSC Wanquan), for the development of rail signaling solutions based on Artesyn’s ControlSafe Platform.

CRSC Wanquan has developed applications for computer-based interlocking (CBI), tram point control (TPC) and automatic train protection (ATP) using the ControlSafe Carborne Platform. All three CRSC Wanquan applications have obtained SIL4 certification and at least two are in deployment.

CBI for Pakistan Power Station

The first application is a CBI train signal control system for the private sidings of the Sahiwal coal power project in Pakistan. This large energy project, which will fill up to 25% of the country’s energy gap, was completed in just 22 months. The private sidings aim to guarantee the efficient transportation and operational safety of large-volume and multi-batch cargo in this large-scale power plant. The signaling system was deployed ahead of schedule under the strict deadline of the owner, which won praise and recognition for China’s key energy projects in Pakistan.

Hainan Tram Point Controller

Artesyn’s ControlSafe Platform was chosen as the core safety platform for a tram point controller (TPC) application after review and comparison in order to meet the urgent project delivery cycle requirements and the efficient use of project investment for the Hainan Sanya Rail Transit Project.

The application required a custom I/O board to interface with the host system. Thanks to Artesyn’s ControlSafe security architecture documentation, CRSC Wanquan was able to complete the development of this custom I/O board in just three months. CRSC Wanquan was further able to secure SIL4 safety certification of the application system based on the ControlSafe platform just a few months later.

This SIL4 approval can take many years and cost millions in engineering time, but Artesyn’s SIL4 certification of the ControlSafe Platform meant that CRSC Wanquan was able to significantly speed its own certification process. The adoption of the ControlSafe platform has helped the owners to significantly shorten the product development and project deployment cycle, greatly improve the operational efficiency of the project capital, and make efforts to improve the efficiency of the city’s operation and management.

Source Artesyn Embedded Technologies

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