Compact wireless transceiver module achieves 2km+ range

Compact wireless transceiver module, ZETA is the latest addition to RF Solutions’ already impressive radio module offering. It will be available on 433, 868 and 915MHz frequencies with CE and FCC approvals in mind. This module has been created for the mass market with a powerful but miniature RFIC, which is combined with RF Solutions’ knowledge and experience in RF impedance matching.

This gives the ZETA module industry leading specifications, and most importantly by far the best price versus performance available in the market: a link budget of 134dBm for around $4 in volume.

At just 16mm square, the ZETA is also very compact, especially considering that it is available in both PDIP and SMT. Despite its tiny size, it has still been able to achieve range in excess of 2km in testing.

In line with RF Solutions SMART radio modules and well known RF chipsets, the ZETA can be a partnered with an innovative ‘RF Codec’ chipset which pre-configures the ZETA module and provides a very simple, industry standard, SPI interface. Engineers will be able to use the ‘RF Codec’ chipset to create networks of ZETA modules or point-to-point links, without the need for extensive RF expertise or time consuming register configuration, using a minimal and simple command set.

ZETA is expected to be used in sensor networks, sleepy nodes, and many other telemetry and control applications as well as being suitable for many other IoT applications.

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