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Converter series optimized for infrastructure applications

A brand new converter series has been launched by Siemens. The new Sinamics G120X series are optimized for use in pump, fan and HVAC applications in infrastructure markets and industries such as for building control and also for the water/wastewater environments. To provide more information on the new converters, Siemens Congleton is hosting an event on 12th February.

With a power range of 0.75 to 630kW, Sinamics G120X converters can be operated with any motor. The converters are at their most effective running with synchronous reluctance motors from Siemens. Sinamics G120X are configured throughout for cost-optimized and resource-saving operation across all voltages and supply networks, and their characteristic compact design saves space in the control cabinet. Although not featuring an additional output reactor, the converters enable motor cable lengths of up to 150m. The integrated safety functions are certified to SIL3.

Jason Peel, Head of Motion Control, Siemens UK, said: “In an increasingly competitive and pressurized environment, introducing digitalization to boost productivity can seem like a huge challenge. That’s why we have developed solutions such as Sinamics G120X, which are designed to help users reach new levels of simplicity, energy efficiency and durability across their sites.”

The Sinamics G120X series offers outstanding ease of operation and is simple to commission using the Sinamics Smart Access Module and the IOP-2 operator panel. The converters can be selected and ordered using only a single purchase order number in the Siemens drive technology configurator.

Their integrated DC link reactor enables Sinamics G120X converters to run with the utmost stability under all network conditions. This robust, drip-proof new series comes in the form of a painted module as standard, with an additional 3C3 contaminant-resistant coating as an optional extra. A high C2 (optionally C1) EMC category and a protection rating of IP20 (optionally IP21 in UL open type) ensure the converter can be reliably used in any kind of industrial environment.

Sinamics G120X converters are in compliance with all relevant EU energy-saving standards, and offer an operating efficiency level of over 98%. Their comprehensive range of integrated application-specific functions such as Flux Reduction for adjustment in line with the actual load, Eco Mode which ensures best possible performance and minimal losses coupled with low dynamic loads and optimized output power, or Keep Running Mode to reduce speed prior to a shutdown.

Sinamics G120X converters can be linked to MindSphere over Sinamics Connect 300, offering users the opportunity to analyze valuable operating data gathered from the converter, the drive train and the machine using the MindSphere app Analyze MyDrives. This enables the visualization and analysis of status information, providing users with valuable data which can be used as the basis for optimizing processes and maintenance strategies.

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