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Diversified Foldable AMOLED at Display Week 2019

Among others at Display week, BenQ Materials will showcase its position in the area of optical materials, with a full line of functional film solutions for different applications, color shift solutions and multiple foldable AMOLED applications at the Display Week, SID Conference from May 14th to 16th in San Jose, CA.

BenQ Materials’ will showcase foldable AMOLED to demonstrate its ability on offering high durability, slim & flexible and neutral black in high resolution. Flexible functional film is the key for foldable applications. BenQ Materials’ applies this ultra slim film in wearable device which is a newly launched product. It can apply in large curvature screen display which fulfills the requirement of large and small size applications.

By utilizing BenQ Materials’ proprietary ultra-precision machining, the micro-structure is integrated within the cover window to modify the light distribution. You can easily tell the difference between original and novel one. The conventional color shift in AMOLED which can be easily observed in large screen and foldable application.

For a foldable component supplier in the future, it’s necessary to stand in the viewpoint of a solution provider. BenQ Materials keeps integrating the ultra slim functional film and proprietary ultra-precision machining to meet the diversified demand.

To learn more, visit BenQ Materials at booth 1722.

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