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DroneGun Tactical product underwent international military end-user trials

DroneShield is pleased to announce the release of its DroneGun Tactical product, available for purchase from today to qualified end-users, where lawful. The release of DroneGun Tactical continues to establish DroneShield’s lead in the counterdrone space, following on the release of DroneGun MKII in late 2017.

The product was designed following comprehensive international military end-user trials, with a number of key features, including:

  • No backpack – the product is entirely self contained within the rifle body, whilst maintaining lightweight and long effective range (over 1km).
  • Addition of 433 and 915Mhz frequencies, to ensure complete effectiveness across drone models.
  • Ergonomic body and controls.
  • Further alignment with standard military specifications, including standardized NATO military battery power.

DroneGun Tactical is not intended to supercede DroneGun MKII. Rather, it is designed for users with a different set of requirements than those using DroneGun MKII.

The Company continues to conduct ongoing Research & Development across its product portfolio, and in Q4 2017 received an Australian Government R&D Tax Incentive award of approximately $200,000, as set out in the 4C for the period.

Source Drone Shield

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