Electronica Fast Forward start-up platform attracts founders

From November 8th–11th, 2016, the electronica Fast Forward start-up platform offers founders extensive start-up assistance. Thanks to this event, the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Electronic Components, Systems and Applications has its finger on the pulse of the times. During the first few weeks, several founders and aspiring entrepreneurs have registered to present their innovative ideas at electronica.

Whether a start-up already has a product and a business plan or a creative mind is still working on an idea is not important for them to participate in electronica Fast Forward. Founders and developers can submit their projects in the ‘Idea’, ‘Prototype’ and ‘Start-up’ categories and have a chance to be part of the start-up initiative. A panel of judges evaluates the submissions and selects the best participants from all of the competitors, who then have a chance to present themselves to an international audience. A number of different start-ups from more than 17 countries including China, Russia, Australia and the United States have already applied with promising solutions. Because interest is so high, electronica has extended the application deadline to 4th October, 2016.


Ideas, prototypes and start-ups: Three highlights in advance
A Belgian start-up has submitted a promising solution involving 3D printing technology in the ‘Idea’ category. The potential founders want to develop compact 3D printers that can be used to manufacture aluminium parts cost effectively—without relying on lasers, high voltage or metal powder.

A product in the ‘Prototype’ category has the lofty objective of saving lives. An Austrian team has developed a system that uses instant messaging to remind car owners about children or pets that have been left in the car if they are in danger due to high temperatures or a lack of oxygen. Several sensors detect whether someone is still in the car and determine its location. In the event of an emergency, first the system notifies the car’s owner. If the owner does not respond, it then notifies emergency services.

At the Munich-based start-up eCozy, everything revolves around the topic of energy-efficient heating for private use. The start-up has developed an intelligent thermostat, and the thing that makes it special is that it learns the homeowner’s lifestyle and then uses an algorithm to guarantee perfect heating conditions, cutting energy consumption by up to 30% in the process.

Additional highlights are available here.

Benefits for aspiring founders and creative minds
Companies that participate in the electronica Fast Forward platform don’t just have access to exhibition space in the East Entrance: They also have their own forum programme that allows them to profit from the support of experienced advisers. For example, other founders can share their experiences, and business angels and investors can give them valuable tips. The special highlight for young entrepreneurs: Everyone has a chance to win the Fast Forward Award. The award includes international PR, consulting and marketing support worth €150,000. STMicroelectronics and the Würth Group have agreed to be sponsors for electronica Fast Forward.

For the first time ever, electronica Fast Forward is being organised in close cooperation with ‘Elektor’ magazine. The electronica Fast Forward Award ceremony takes place on 11th November.

Additional information and details about how to apply for the electronica Fast Forward Award are available here.

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