California Roll: world’s first waterproof, solar powered speaker

With its new speaker, LEMON has blown through its Kickstarter goal. The new speaker, think the ‘Tesla of Audio’, the California Roll, is the world’s first waterproof, solar powered speaker to combine premium sound quality and voice activated technology.

Their 3D wireless speaker, California Roll, is equipped with voice recognition, NASA solar charging technology, a ‘DJ Mode’ (allowing three Bluetooth enabled devices to control music at once) and HD sound to provide a rugged solar powered solution for your outdoor audio and music needs.

In 2015, Lemon Founder, Vincent Dupontreué decided to establish a company in San Francisco and to develop his new idea. He wanted to create a product that was green and sustainable, but also fun and accessible.

Vincent shares his inspiration for Lemon: “One morning, I realized how much I hated the hassle of cords and cables from all of my electronic devices, especially when I travel. For the typical business man, I am traveling all of the time, and often will go places that do not have the same outlet to charge my electronics. I realized that this burden could be relieved with the use of solar power on any of these devices. However I also realized that solar technology is difficult to manage because most of these electronic devices have a small surface space for solar cells to work on. This is where I decided to merge my interest in solar technology with my passion for music, by creating a solar powered speaker that would boast high quality sound. From this idea Lemon was born, and the California Roll speaker will be launched on Kickstarter on 19th July, 2016. LEMON was born under the water and regenerates under the sun, making it our contribution to a better, more sustainable planet.”


LEMON: California Roll features:

  • three individual speakers located within the device as well as a large speaker on the outside, allowing for a well-received stereophonic sound of 3D audio effect displaces sound in a 3D space, including above, below, and behind the listener
  • charged through NASA solar technology, producing 20 hours of music from 7 hours of sunlight
  • can be completely submerged in water and avoid damages with a IPX7 waterproof rating
  • waterproof rubber membrane to absorb shock and sound vibrations
  • NFC to connect with wireless devices at a quicker speed than Bluetooth, using less energy with less likelihood of interference
  • built-in microphone for full voice recognition
  • AUX outlet for direct connection into speaker bypassing Bluetooth
  • connects up to three Bluetooth enabled devices at once, allowing more than one device to control the speaker at any given time
  • can pair up to two California Rolls at the same time to play the same music from the both devices (equivalent to seven surround sound speakers)
  • USB power bank to charge devices and the speaker if used indoors/without sun
  • can withstand temperatures from -20 to 80°C
  • available in eight different colors

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