Enabling Technology Leadership in the Rogue Device Mitigation Market

It has been announced that Sepio Systems, which is disrupting the cyber security industry by uncovering hidden hardware attacks, has been awarded Frost & Sullivan’s prestigious 2019 European Enabling Technology Leadership award for the Rogue Device Mitigation market.

Sepio offers an end-to-end solution that detects and mitigates hardware-based attacks, including rogue peripherals, invisible network devices, and manipulated firmware. Sepio’s software-only solution has been successfully deployed in over 20 mid-sized to large banks, insurance, and telecom companies in the US, Singapore, Brazil, and Israel.

Frost & Sullivan’s Enabling Technology Award recognizes companies demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in a variety of global markets. The official ceremony took place on March 20th in London.

The Frost & Sullivan award follows Sepio Systems’ announcement in early March that Energias de Portugal, among Europe’s major electricity operators and one of Portugal’s largest business groups, has completed a strategic investment in the company.

In announcing the award, Frost & Sullivan stated, that: “Sepio Systems’ Rogue Device Mitigation solution is an important addition to the traditional legacy solutions such as network access control, Internet of Things, and endpoint security, as it protects organizations from hardware-originated cyber attacks”

The company also explained that Sepio’s innovative solution provides information technology managers with visibility and mitigation of the number and type of rogue devices being used by employees and within the framework of the organization’s environment – network, virtual, and physical.

Eli Grach, Aerospace & Defense Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, noted: “Sepio’s solution natively integrates with a workstation’s existing network infrastructure and operating systems in order to collect and analyze physical fingerprints and device behavior patterns. This valuable information is processed in real time and targets physical layer (Layer1) vulnerability with respect to both network implants and common USB HID/NIC emulators.

“Infected hardware devices constitute both an information technology and cyber security issue as the attack contains both a hardware and software component. Thus, the network visibility created by Sepio’s solution is a critical component of any effective rogue device management solution.

“IT managers would be fumbling in the dark without any knowledge of the number and type of devices being used by employees without the visibility of Sepio’s solution, and a company cannot protect itself against threats it does not know exist.”

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