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How to Get Free Beer, Pizza, and Hardware and IoT Insights From Experts

Because who doesn't like free beer and pizza?

Over the past few years, a community of ambitious hardware entrepreneurs has been plotting the future of Hardware and IoT.

Hardware Pioneers has been on a mission to support and inspire those building the next generation of hardware and IoT products. For a while, these exclusive (and free) events took place solely in Europe, but as of April, U.S.-based innovators can get their hands on valuable insight from the brightest minds in the space while also gaining an opportunity to network with professionals that are building the future of the Internet of Things.

For example, in Brooklyn, NY, on April 16, 2019, attendees will have a chance to listen to talks from IntelArlo and EmoShape, on topics related to building smarter IoT products with AI.

AI is moving toward edge devices, making connected things even more intelligent. For those of you who are curious about discovering how Edge AI can bring huge benefits to your IoT design, there’s a three-hour event dedicated to this. You get to learn from:

– The world’s largest semiconductor chip maker (Intel).
– America’s #1 Internet-connected camera brand (Arlo Technologies).
– Industry’s first emotion chip maker (EmoShape).

Oh, and did we mention that drinks and pizza will be served throughout the night?

See agenda for full info about the speakers.
There are only 300 spaces available, so register now. It’s free.

Hardware PioneersIf you’re not based in New York, but still interested, don’t fret. Hardware Pioneers is coming to a few cities across the U.S.


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