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Expert Advantage Partner Program to Accelerate Software Growth

Broadcom has announced the launch of Expert Advantage, an expanded global channel services partner program, focused on customer success to drive growth across Broadcom Software solutions.

Built on an already robust CRN 5-Star awarded Advantage partner program, Expert Advantage expands Broadcom Software’s services partner ecosystem – from a single strategic partner to a growing and diverse network of trusted, highly specialized, and localized experts – under a new program structure to accelerate adoption of Broadcom software while delivering value to customers and ensuring their success.

As the pace of digital business transformation accelerates coupled with the rise in cyber attacks and data breaches, enterprises are driven to digitally transform their operations and protect their assets and information from multifaceted threats. Broadcom recognizes that partners with highly specialized skill sets and localized expertise play a critical role in helping customers achieve their digital transformation and cyber security goals, including support for technology deployment and change management. Hence, Broadcom is investing significantly in Expert Advantage to expand these specialized services partnerships to better serve joint customers and maximize their software investments.

Additionally, Expert Advantage promotes customer choice in the selection of the services partner best suited to their unique requirements. To that end, Broadcom Software introduces the Expert Advantage Partner Finder, an easy-to-use search tool that allows customers to tap into Broadcom Software’s global network of specialized and certified services partners.

“Broadcom Software believes in giving our partners and customers the tools and support needed to differentiate and transform their businesses and expect the Expert Advantage and Advantage programs to be pivotal to our mutual success,” said Cameron Sedgwick, Head of Global Services and Education for Broadcom Software. “By widening the scope of our services strategy, we can do more to transform our clients’ businesses and move them into the future more quickly. This new Expert Advantage partner program will help partners drive increased profitability through new and expanded customer engagement and provide superior customer experiences.”

“As A&I Solutions continues to grow our partnership with Broadcom Software, we are ready and excited to be a part of the new Expert Advantage Program. We share the same core value as Broadcom Software, and that is, maximum Customer Success. We look forward to achieving that together,” said Staci Ryan, Vice President of Sales, A&I Solutions

“Deloitte is pleased to participate in Broadcom Software’s Expert Advantage program to continue to help customers transform, modernize, secure and run their existing technology platforms. Coupled with Broadcom Software’s category leading technology, Deloitte advises customers when to take advantage of new technologies that drive product and service enhancements, improve financial performance, and accelerate their speed to market,” added Christie Simons, Partner, Deloitte & Touche.

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