Fitbit For The Face Turns Any Mask Into Smart Device

A new smart sensor platform the size of a quarter turns any facemask into a “Fitbit for the face.”

A tiny magnet attaches the sensor to any N95, cloth, or surgical mask, detecting respiration, heart rate, and mask wear time. This information is transmitted to a wearer’s smartphone where it is displayed for real-time health monitoring. The app can also alert the wearer of any issues—an elevated heart rate, a mask that isn’t sealed properly—and can help predict fatigue along with mental and physical health.

Designed to harvest energy from the force of the user’s breath, motion, and heat (from the breath as well as the sun), the platform also houses a small battery to help extend the time between charging. Currently, the platform lasts about 11 days.

Facebit’s accuracy was close to clinic-grade devices. You can find more information at

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