Freescale Expands Ultra-Low-Power MCU Portfolio with New Kinetis KL17/27 32/64KB MCUs

AUSTIN, Texas – Freescale Semiconductor has expanded its Kinetis L series with the new KL17 and KL27 ARM® Cortex®-M0+-based MCUs, combining low-power analog and connectivity features with ultra-small packaging options.
The USB-enabled Kinetis KL27 device, together with the general purpose KL17 product, extend the Kinetis L series to more than 200 offerings and bring scalable design options to applications such as portable medical devices and remote sensing equipment.

Power consumption figures are 46µA/MHz in low power run mode, 1.68µA in stop mode with full RAM retention and RTC enabled, and 87nA in low leakage stop mode. The Kinetis KL27’s full-speed USB controller supports crystal-less operation and includes a ‘Keep Alive’ function. This allows it to remain active in very low power stop mode, then wake up without the need to re-enumerate, making it ideal for low-power USB peripherals. Both offerings include a ROM-based bootloader, 16-bit ADC and Flex/IO module for PWM signal generation and UART/ SPI/IIC protocol emulation. [Legal Note: Please verify information with currently available data prior to publication and make sure all features listed above belong to this product]

Additional Kinetis KL17/KL27 MCU features include: [Legal Note: Please verify information with currently available data prior to publication and make sure all features listed below belong to this product]

  • 48 MHz ARM Cortex-M0+ core, 1.71-3.6V operation
  • Bit manipulation engine for fast, code-efficient bit-oriented operations
  • 32-64 KB flash memory, 8-16 KB SRAM
  • Analog comparator
  • Low-power timer, UART, SPI & IIC (1Mbit/s)
  • Cyclic redundancy check
  • 32QFN, 36XFBGA (0.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 mm2) and 64LQFP packages
  • -40 °C to +105 °C operation

Design freedom with comprehensive software support
The Kinetis KL17 and KL27 MCUs are supported by the FRDM-KL27Z Freescale Freedom development platform, a USB software stack, a complimentary Kinetis Design Studio IDE and a software development kit (SDK) with Processor Expert software. Third-party support is provided from the broad ARM ecosystem.

Availability and pricing
Production-qualified samples of Kinetis KL17 and KL27 MCUs are available now from Freescale and its distribution partners. Suggested resale pricing in the 36XFBGA package starts from $1.15 and $1.37 (USD) respectively in 10,000-unit quantities. Programming for Kinetis MCUs is available for all Kinetis L series products — a service for customers who wish to have their unique software programmed onto their MCUs prior to shipment. For more details, visit

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