Futuristic designers want to create a ‘Cosmic Messenger’ for communication with aliens

We may not even be sure that there is existing life on other planets, but Russian designers Luca Nichetto and Lera Moiseeva have created a conceptual Cosmic Messenger that would allow Earthlings to send messages into space.

Moiseeva’s idea was inspired by her family of space engineers, where she gained a great interest in the solar system and cosmos.

The Cosmic Messenger would act as a form of communication to space in which an audio message could be recorded and sent beyond the Earth.

Moiseeva wants you to think of the concept as a modern-day “message in a bottle.” Instead of throwing your bottle into the ocean, the recorded message would shoot out into infinity.

The Cosmic Messenger device would come equipped with speakers that play back the audio message that a person wants to be sent. The bottle’s entire voyage would be recorded by a 360 degree camera that would send video signals to Earth so that the user feels like they are actually travelling to space along with the bottle.

Seems far out? Don’t underestimate the power of technology!

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