This guy resorts to crowdfunding to get his crashed Ferrari 458 Speciale fixed

Any time you crash your car, the financial impact, even with insurance policies, can be quite the blow. Now imagine you need to repair your Ferrari 458 Speciale with damages running you around $240,000.

German-native Jonas Frey really didn’t want to part with his Ferrari (that probably cost him just as much to purchase as it would to fix). So, just like the masses who have resorted to crowdfunding websites to give their start-up products a financial push, Frey decided to get other people to pay for the repairs to his car.

“Why don’t we give every petrolhead on this planet the opportunity to put his or her picture of choice on on our almost dead beauty,” Frey wrote on his website.

Frey launched “The Dead Ferrari” project where he offers anyone who donates as little as $4.40 (USD) an opportunity to submit any picture they want to be displayed on the hood of his Ferrari.

But that’s not all. If Frey ca get 5,000 people to donate, he will draw one winner to drive the Ferrari for one month. If the winner lives in the U.S. he will offer a $5,000 Hertz or Avis gift card instead.

Images can be uploaded directly to Dead Ferrari’s website and so far there are quite a few participants. Check it out for yourself.

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