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Genesis Actuators Enable Simpler, Safer, and More Productive Robots and Machines

Genesis Robotics & Motion Technologies launched its LiveDrive LDD 1800 Series Direct Drive Actuators, featuring a broad range of configurations and performance options. The actuators eliminate gearing and offer simplicity, cleanliness, and productivity for high-throughput machines. LiveDrive is a high-torque, compact, direct-drive solution designed for robots and machines in the food, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and electronics industries. The solution reduces maintenance requirements while increasing uptime and reliability. By eliminating gears, belts, and lubrication, the actuators simplify the drivetrain, providing increased performance and lower total cost of ownership.

Genesis claims that the LiveDrive actuator is integrated into the Wyzo sidebot by Demaurex SA, empowering the world’s first sidebot pick and place technology that works safely alongside people. The LiveDrive LDD 1800 Series actuator is less than half the length of a typical servo-gearhead drivetrain for greater utilization of machine workcells and factory floor space. Since LiveDrive actuators do not require a gearbox, removing the risk of oil leakage or contamination. No gearbox means reduced downtime, inspection, and maintenance requirements.

LiveDrive’s direct-drive technology also eliminates backlash and improves system stiffness. With its low inertia and fast stopping times, it supports control system safety meeting Collaborative Robot Technical Specification ISO/TS 15066. Standard models include four sizes, various voltage levels and support integration with third party servo drives. For more information, visit

Original Release: PR Newswire

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