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Getting Humans Ready to Work Alongside AI

Insight from an AI Metaphysician

As we prepare for the future, or simply look around at our reality, it’s clear that AI is and will continue to be a prevalent part of our daily lives. One area that raises a lot of debate and skepticism is in that of robot co-workers. However, Tom Ross, AI Metaphysician and Author, argues that if we prepare our humans to work with AI by looking at our unique skillsets and problem finding as opposed to problem solving, we may find an optimistic future ahead.

Listen in as Ross explains exactly what an AI Metaphysician is, as well as how we can go about preparing for the future.

What do you think? How does the future look for human + machine working teams? Will we live harmoniously?

Learn more about Tom Ross: 

Tom Ross @

  • President & CEO of TAFFD’s (Transdisciplinary Agora For Future Discussions)
  • Director of Sentient Rights for USTP (United States Transhumanist Party)
  • Author of “US6” (“The first novel written for Machinekind.”)

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