Guidehouse Insights Explores Future Opportunity for 6G

Guidehouse Insights released a new report that explores 6G opportunities, examining the technologies that currently constitute 6G research efforts and use-cases that next-generation networks will enable. According to the report, demand for bandwidth and download speeds has increased steadily as users have come to rely on mobile networks for ever more intensive uses in consumer, enterprise, and industrial settings.

According to the report, to prepare for the future of 6G, mobile companies should prepare to pay more in 6G spectrum auctions. Vendors must ensure to build-in security from the start, and governments and vendors must prevent 6G fragmentation by cooperating in the pre-standard phase.

The report, “6G: Preparing for What’s Coming in 2030,” examines different technologies constituting 6G research efforts. It also explores the possibility of a fragmented standard if stakeholders do not cooperate during the pre-standard phase and offers key recommendations for mobile companies leading to a 6G launch. An executive summary of the report is available for free download on the Guidehouse Insights website.

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