Micron Invests $40 Billion for Leading-Edge Memory Manufacturing in the U.S.

The largest ever investment in U.S. memory manufacturing will create an estimated 40,000 American jobs, strengthen national security, and bolster supply chain resilience.

Micron Technology announced that it will invest $40 billion through the end of the decade to build leading-edge memory manufacturing in multiple phases in the U.S. The investment will enable the world’s most advanced memory manufacturing. Micron expects to begin production in the second half of the decade.

Micron’s investment will ultimately create up to 40,000 new American jobs, including approximately 5,000 highly paid technical and operational roles at the company. The leading-edge manufacturing capabilities will ensure U.S. national security and supply chain resilience as demand for memory grows in automotive and data center markets, fueled by the accelerating adoption of artificial intelligence and 5G.

Micron’s investments in leading-edge technology advancements included nearly $3 billion of R&D in the 2021 fiscal year. Micron is committed to expanding R&D in future years at a rate consistent with its long-term revenue growth expectations, contributing to America’s technological leadership and global competitiveness.

Today’s announcement builds on the billions of dollars of investments Micron has made over the last several years in U.S. manufacturing and R&D facilities, including the company’s newly established Atlanta Design Center, its Manassas, Virginia manufacturing site, and corporate headquarters in Boise.

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