Hailo-15: AI-Centric Vision Processors for Next-Gen Intelligent Cameras

Hailo announced the Hailo-15 family of high-performance vision processors, designed for integration directly into intelligent cameras for video processing and analytics at the edge. Hailo claims it sets a new standard in computer vision and deep learning video processing.

The Hailo-15 VPU family includes three members, the Hailo-15H, Hailo-15M, and Hailo-15L — to meet the processing needs and price points of smart camera makers and AI application providers. Ranging from 7 TOPS (Tera Operation per Second) up to 20 TOPS, the family enables over 5x higher performance than current solutions in the market at a comparable price point. All Hailo-15 VPUs support multiple input streams at 4Kresolution and combine powerful CPU and DSP subsystems with Hailo’s AI core.

Hailo-15-empowered cameras can carry out significantly more video analytics, running several AI tasks in parallel, including faster detection at high resolution to help identify smaller and more distant objects with higher accuracy and fewer false alarms. The company is also pioneering the use of vision-based transformers in cameras for real-time object detection for video enhancement and much better video quality in low-light environments, for video stabilization, and high dynamic range performance.

The Hailo-15 vision processors consume very little power, making them suitable for every type of IP camera and enabling the design of fanless edge devices. Camera designers can develop lower-cost products by leaving out an active cooling component. Fanless cameras are also better suited for industrial and outdoor applications where dirt or dust can impact reliability.

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