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High performance RZ/G1C microprocessor enables HMI applications


The RZ/G1C microprocessor, available from Rutronik UK, is Renesas’ latest addition to its high-performance RZ/G-series. It is suitable for applications ranging from entry-level solutions to high complexity embedded systems. Thanks to its support for a 3D graphics engine and a Full HD (FHD) video decoder, it allows fast development of powerful HMI and visual applications.

The RZ/G1C, which is based on the industry-leading 1.0GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU, offers performance and balance for networked HMI systems. It supports a variety of interfaces, including USB and Gigabit Ethernet (GbE). Full pin compatibility among the derivatives means that users can replace one RZ series product with another – whether low or high-end – enabling future requirements to be satisfied flexibly.

The new microprocessor has an integrated PowerVR SGX5313D graphics engine and an FHD H.264 video decoder. It also offers one analogue and two digital camera inputs for embedded computer vision and other video applications. The RZ/G1C is also optimized for Linux-based application development.

Because the RZ/G1C does not require a power sequencer or PMIC on the circuit board, BOM costs are reduced and the development and production of circuit boards is simplified.

Source Renesas

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