How Organizations Can Use Data and AI to Create a Better Workplace Environment

Insights from Nandini Easwar, CTO and Co-Founder, Speakfully

Bryan and Nicolette chatted with Nandini Easwar, CTO and Co-Founder of Speakfully, about becoming kinder and gentler with technology and the concept of data driven humanity. Bryan asked Nandini about how data can be used in a company to enhance inclusion- and what role does Al play in this?

How does it stay fair?

Easwar suggests this involves mining the data, creating a pattern and then presenting it to a human. Don’t let the Al do the analysis for you regarding bias. Al isn’t human. She shares an example of where algorithms and data don’t consider the human element and condition. While the data mining portion of your analytics probably can’t be manual, you can present that data reality to a human and now a human can determine whether there are problems or not.

Nandini Easwar is the CTO and Co-Founder of Speakfully. She is responsible for the tech side of the organic and ever-evolving human-centric platform to address workplace mistreatment including retaliation, harassment, and microaggression. Known for humanizing tech solutions, Nandini is ensuring the success of the Speakfully mission by integrating social and emotional intelligence into the overall technical roadmap of the brand. Prior to joining Speakfully, Nandini headed the Esurance software engineering department and also served as a technical advisor to companies globally. A passionate proponent of women in STEM, Nandini supports access to diverse talents while enabling women to grow and learn to their fullest potential.

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