IBM Unveils End-to-End Quantum-Safe Technology

The new IBM Quantum Safe technology is a comprehensive set of tools and capabilities combined with IBM’s deep security expertise. It is an end-to-end solution for organizations and governmental agencies to prepare their quantum-safe journey toward the post-quantum era.

As quantum computers continue to advance, they will reach the ability to break the most widely used security protocols in the world. To address the risk, IBM leveraged its expertise across cryptography, quantum computing, and critical infrastructure to develop IBM Quantum Safe technology. The capabilities will help clients prepare via:

  • IBM Quantum Safe Explorer allows organizations to scan source and object code to locate cryptographic assets, dependencies, and vulnerabilities and build a Cryptography Bill of Materials (CBOM)
  • IBM Quantum Safe Advisor creates a dynamic or operational view of cryptographic inventory to guide remediation and analyzes cryptographic posture and compliance, prioritizing risks
  • IBM Quantum Safe Remediator deploys and tests best practice-based quantum-safe remediation patterns to grasp potential impacts on systems and assets as they prepare to deploy quantum-safe solutions

IBM also unveiled the IBM Quantum Safe Roadmap, IBM’s first blueprint that charts technology milestones towards increasingly advanced quantum-safe technology engineered to help organizations address anticipated cryptographic standards and requirements through crypto-agility and protect systems against emerging vulnerabilities. It involves discovery, observation, and transformation.

The IBM Quantum Safe Roadmap and technology will expose organizations to their existing cryptographic landscape to address changes that may be necessary to thrive in the post-quantum era.

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