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ICYMI: Dyson VR, Renesas FPGAs, Manufacturing Predictions, and More

In case you missed these stories...

We’re bombarded with news all week, so it’s hard to keep up with the golden nuggets of information! We’ve put together a few highlights you might have missed from the 24/7 news cycle.

  1. The latest Ericsson IndustryLab Future of Enterprises report predicts widespread transformation of manufacturing enterprises in the coming years, including a rapid rise in ICT-enabled production tools such as augmented reality, exoskeletons and remote control. (Source)
  2. Renesas enters the FPGA market with the first ultra-low-power, low-cost family for low-density, high-volume applications (Source)
  3. Dyson introduces virtual reality technology to enable customers to experience and test Dyson technology from their own homes, using a VR headset. (Source)
  4. IBM’s most powerful quantum processor yet (it breaks the 100-quibit processor barrier). (Source)
  5. Bulletproof fingerprint technology takes images in the round. (Source)

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