Infineon and Amber Commercialize Digital Control of Electricity in Silicon Architecture

Infineon Technologies and Amber Solutions are joining forces to commercialize Amber’s digital control of electricity and embedded intelligence. The companies launched a two-pronged approach to the collaboration. First, they will upgrade the power management architecture in such product categories as smart circuit breakers, light switches and outlets to Amber and Infineon silicon-based solutions. These applications will benefit from Amber’s intelligent, dynamic power management in a small silicon chip and Infineon’s power switch and control technologies. Second, they will explore integrating Amber’s proprietary architecture with certain Infineon product roadmaps, enabling unique and beneficial general market solutions.

Amber claims that its advancement in the digital control of electricity in a fully silicon-based architecture dramatically enhances reliability, performance, power delivery, and embedded intelligence possibilities in a variety of electrical products. Costs and product real estate are slashed when traditional bulky and expensive magnetic and mechanical components are replaced.

The combined efforts of both companies will apply silicon advantages to large established ‘old tech-based’ categories creating an intelligent transformation. Amber’s silicon-based architecture for circuit breakers will enable a wirelessly connected retrofittable breaker to offer such advantages as tripping 3,000x faster than conventional products, elimination of AFCI and GFCI nuisance trips, premium embedded surge, wireless reset and energy metering.

Original Release: PR Newswire 

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