Wide-Scale Research to Develop Automotive Supercomputing Platform

Infineon is leading and coordinating a wide-scale research project called Mannheim-CeCaS (CentralCarServer) to develop an automotive supercomputing platform. A total of 30 research partners are involved, and there is support from the German federal government’s large-scale funding initiative for the digitalization of auto-mobility.

Mannheim-CeCaS is focused on investigating and developing a holistic central computing platform for future highly automated vehicles. Connected and electrified cars still require energy-efficient and economical high-end computers to meet the high demands on automotive qualification. This combines safety, high performance, automotive supercomputing, and specially designed processors, interfaces, and system architectures.

The computing units will be based on innovative high-performance processors qualified for automotive applications and use non-planar transistor technology (FinFET), application-specific hardware accelerators, and adaptive software platforms for autonomous vehicles. The consortium aims to create a complete automotive qualification (ASIL-D) at the system level.

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) supports Mannheim-CeCaS with approximately 46 million euros as a part of the government’s “Mannheim” initiative, named after the birthplace of the automobile.

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