USB PD 3.1 Solutions Use EPC GaN Integrated Power Stage

EPC  unveiled its EPC9177 eGaN IC-based reference design for high power density, low profile DC-DC converters. The reference design addresses new stringent USB PD 3.1 demands for multiport chargers and on-motherboard DC-DC conversion.

The digitally controlled, single-output synchronous buck converter reference design board operates at 720 kHz switching frequency converting an input voltage of 48 V, 36 V, and 28 V to a regulated 12 V output voltage and delivering up to 20 A continuous output current.

Features include a 21 mm x 13 mm low-profile (3 mm height inductor) for the synchronous buck converter, the  EPC23102 fully integrated half-bridge ePower Stage is optimized for computing power supplies, USB PD 3.1 multiport chargers and on-board DC-DC solutions.

USB PD 3.1 raises the output voltage for USB charging, increasing from 20 V to 48 V, and the power increases from 100 W up to 240 W. Higher power enables USB charging beyond laptop and cell phone fast charging to higher power applications including gaming PCs, power tools, and e-bikes. A smart DC-DC regulator is required to generate lower voltages, and a DC-DC regulator will be resident on the motherboard of the gaming PC or power tools to convert the 48 V to 20 V and 12 V input.

The EPC23102 GaN power stage integrates the half-bridge driver and FETs (100 V, 6.6 mΩ R(DSon)), the level shifter, and the bootstrap charging. It can switch with very high efficiency – up to 3 MHz, enabling the reference board to deliver up to 20 A continuous current using a heatsink and 15 A continuous current without a heatsink to 12 V output voltage, with greater than 97.3% efficiency with a 48 V input.

The reference design is ideal for computing, industrial, consumer, and telecom power systems requiring small size and high efficiency. eGaN FETs and ICs provide fast switching, high efficiency, and small size that can meet the power density requirements of leading-edge applications.

The EPC9177 reference design board from EPC is available and is priced at $480.00 each.

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