Infineon’s MERUS™ Class-D Audio ICs: Power-Efficient, High-Quality Sound Solutions for Diverse Applications

Sponsored by Mouser Electronics

Infineon’s MERUS™ Class-D Audio ICs are multilevel Class-D amplifier solutions that offer high power output with significantly less input power (~0.25W), efficient power management, and exceptional sound quality in a small form. They address traditional class D amplifiers’ challenges, such as low power efficiency, heat generation, and the need for bulky filters, by improving power consumption, reducing electromagnetic interference, and noise.

The MERUS ICs also cut manufacturing costs by eliminating or minimizing filters, creating a power-efficient solution that produces sound, not heat. The portfolio offers both small, fully integrated single-chip solutions and scalable, discrete solutions with output power levels ranging from 20W to over 2000W per channel, suitable for a wide range of class D audio applications including battery-operated speakers, TVs, HiFi systems, soundbars, monitors, power-over-ethernet (PoE), and multi-channel systems. Learn More >> 


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