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Is digital technology really a time-saver?

One of digital technology’s biggest gifts is the way that it can save us some serious time. Thanks to everything from online commerce to The Internet of Things, we’ve been granted way more flexibility over how we do a range of tasks than ever before.

And whilst we’re all victims of a little procrastination in front of our smartphone screens, it seems that we’re living faster lives than ever before.

The online shopping experience is something that’s relatively new, but it has dramatically altered the way that we browse, purchase and receive products. Massive new retailers like Amazon have become key players in this new terrain, and with the advent of drone-delivery services, it looks like we’ll have much quicker ways to receive the goods that we desire.

These eCommerce technologies have also had a significant impact in the way that we do our grocery shopping too. It’s now incredibly easy for anybody to quickly order their week’s groceries on a tea break at work, and the recent statistics show that this trend is only going to keep growing.

Our entertainment habits have also enjoyed a massive increase in convenience. It would have been almost unbelievable a couple of decades ago to think that we would be able to instantly enjoy thousands of movies, songs and TV shows at a push of a button from the likes of Netflix and Spotify.

And it’s not just the prospect of having a cinema in our homes that’s transformed our entertainment habits, as companies like Steam enable us to have a downloadable gaming arcade in our living rooms, whilst the quick and easy mobile casino games at LadyLucks can even turn our homes into a temporary gaming parlor.

But it’s perhaps the rise of The Internet of Things that could be the biggest time-saver. From using a smartphone to turn on the heating in your home before you leave work, to remotely controlling a robotic lawnmower via Bluetooth, it’s clear that we’re able to do so much more with the bare minimum effort.

However, there have been those who have stated that this increased convenience has meant that we’ve become a generation of multitaskers. And whilst this means that we should have more spare time than before, it seems as though modern life is busier than ever.

So this is why it’s always important to remember to let technology serve us, not the other way around. So that whether you’re playing mobile casino games, or just ordering in the week’s food, it’s us who are in control, not the increasingly sophisticated digital technologies.

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