Japan is Building a Completely Automated Lettuce Farm

Japan wants to eliminate traditional farms that require people to manually operate every aspect of vegetable growth. Instead, vegetable factory operator Spread Co., will begin constructing the world’s first-ever fully automated vegetable factory capable of producing 30,000 heads of lettuce per day with the press of just one button.

(Image via Spread.Co)
(Image via Spread.Co)

Spread Co. has developed the solution in response to water and food shortages due to extreme weather events accompanied by the increasing global population, according to the company.

The next-generation facility will fully automate every aspect of vegetable growth, from seeding to harvesting, and will increase energy  efficiency by with lighting and air conditioning technology. It will also recycle up to 98% of the water used in the facility.

The company will begin shipping it’s newly harvested vegetables in Spring 2017.

Learn more on the company’s website.

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