Mass Firings at Stellantis

400 Stellantis workers received an unexpected pink slip email this week telling them not to report to work the following day. Instead, they were told to attend a mandatory remote meeting, where they were devastated to hear their jobs were terminated.

Stellantis claims the firings were necessary to align resources, emphasizing its commitment to its EV products and Dare Forward 2030 plan.

Employees speculate that the real motive behind the mass firings may be tied to outsourcing practices. Stellantis has been increasingly outsourcing jobs to countries like India, Mexico, and Brazil, citing cost efficiency and profitability.

Critics claim that the company’s actions do not indicate broader economic trends. Other carmakers have also made cuts in recent months, indicating that the industry is undergoing significant transformation.

Stellantis benefitted from the government bailout during the bankruptcy era. 

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