Stellantis Invests in Breakthrough, Cost-effective LiDAR for ADAS

Stellantis Ventures has invested in SteerLight, the developer of a new high-performance LiDAR technology.

SteerLight LiDAR senses the surrounding environment in 3D with higher resolution and precision at a lower volume production cost than current LiDAR systems. This potentially translates into better performance in various ADAS, including automated driving.

Stellantis has a Dare Forward 2030 initiative to identify groundbreaking technologies, prioritizing ADAS. You can watch the video introducing it below.

SteerLight is a spinoff of the CEA-Leti Technology Center, developing Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) LiDAR based on silicon photonics technology that puts the system on a microchip. The system is robust and compact and overcomes challenges of current LiDAR, component size, and high cost.

SteerLight technology provides highly accurate depth and velocity data while resisting interference from the surrounding environment and other users.

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