Mitsubishi Uses Biometric Information to Detect Serious Physical Conditions of Drivers

Mitsubishi has developed technology that detects serious physical conditions experienced by vehicle drivers, including loss of consciousness. The technology estimates pulse rate, changes in blood pressure, and other biometric data collected with a contactless Driver Monitoring System (DMS) camera. A previous version of the technology detected driver distractions and drowsiness.

The system uses Mitsubishi Electric’s proprietary AI to estimate biometric data and proprietary Maisart AI technology to detect abnormal physical conditions even when the driver’s posture remains the same.

Currently, onboard technologies use a DMS camera to detect abnormal posture due to sudden illness; however, 50% of the drivers who lose consciousness stay in an upright driving position without any noticeable change in posture.

The technology focuses on physical changes caused by heart disease, epilepsy, and cerebrovascular disease. A proprietary AI estimates biometric data such as pulse rate, pulse interval, pulse intensity, and changes in blood pressure collected from the driver.

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