Mouser First to Stock Avago ACFL-5211T Automotive Grade Digital Optocouplers

Mouser - Avago ACFL-5211T Automotive Grade Digital OptocouplersMouser Electronics, Inc. is the first global distributor to stock the ACFL-5211T digital optocouplers from Avago Technologies. The ACFL-5211T digital optocouplers are dual-channel, bidirectional, high-speed 1MBaud devices designed for automotive applications with AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualification.

The Avago ACFL-5211T digital optocouplers, now available from Mouser Electronics, have two channels internally aligned 180 degrees of each other, providing optimum chip pin-out configuration for bi-directional transmit/receive data communication design and board layout. The two channels are electrically independent and galvanically isolated, providing an ideal isolated bi-directional low power communication interface. The devices feature 8mm creepage and clearance, high dielectric breakdown isolation voltage (VISO) up to 5,000 VRMS for one minute, and high continuous working voltage (VIORM) up to 1,140 VPEAK. The devices are packaged in a compact SSO-12 package comparable to the SSO-8 footprint of previous generation devices.

Avago ACFL-5211T digital optocouplers provide reinforced insulation and reliability that delivers safe signal isolation critical in automotive and high-temperature industrial applications.

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