No more heavy lifting: This shipping container lifts itself onto trucks

Have you ever watched a crane lift some heavy cargo onto a shipping truck? How about a truck driver combat large packages while trying to load and unload?

Self-lifting container. (Image via Excalibur Shelters)
Self-lifting container. (Image via Excalibur Shelters)

A shipping container company called Excalibur Shelters has released an eco-friendly, cost efficient solution to this problem.

The company designed a shipping container with heavy-duty hydraulic legs that fold neatly into the container’s frame in order to maintain the standard shipping dimensions.  The hydraulic legs are folded out and locked into their intended lifting and lowering positions to lift as high as five feet.

The containers accurately lift themselves onto flatbed trucks with the help of a Power Pack system that the company decided would be contained externally so that the operator can use one power pack system on several self-lifting containers in order to reduce additional expenditure. The Power Pack is a 9-KW motor with a 2-speed hydraulic system and 3000 PSI.

Some potential applications include:

• Deliveries

• Storage facility

• Power generators

• Specialized & seasonal storage

• Refrigeration

• Water purification / filtration facility

Watch the video below for more information.

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